How To Overcome The Feeling Of Not Doing Enough

By trying to do too much, you risk not doing enough.

Peggy Noonan

We live in the world of constant comparison and competition. It’s easy to get sucked into hustle culture and its high expectations and ambitious goals. Yet, hard work alone doesn’t guarantee success. And, you may find yourself with the gnawing feeling of not doing enough.

Well, know that you are not alone!

Millions of people go to bed each night with thoughts of self-judgment and self-doubt. These thoughts can eat away at your psyche while keeping you up at night.

So, what can you do to pull yourself out of this funk?

You can start by understanding why you feel this way in the first place.

What Causes the Fear of Not Doing Enough?

No matter what you do, it may seem like you are miles behind everyone else. Watching other people’s success can cause anxiety and force you to set unrealistic goals. This constant urge to push ahead due to fear of failure can be crushing.

But, what’s underneath this urge?

There are a few common causes that make you feel like you’re not doing enough:

  • Pressure – A combination of societal pressure and the internal drive to succeed can be overwhelming and exhausting.
  • Perfectionism – The habit of focusing on faults in your work and in your life can make you feel unworthy and like a failure.
  • Comparison – Comparing your life and achievements against others prevents you from enjoying what you have.

Getting caught in this cycle will undermine your confidence and sabotage your happiness. But, with the right adjustments to your mindset, you can get yourself back on track to enjoying your life.

How to Free Yourself from Feeling Like You’re Not Doing Enough

It’s easy to find yourself chasing the end of your to-do list without making a meaningful impact. We live busy lives and it’s important to have a process for organizing them. To help you, here are the top 3 tips for getting a handle on your life and letting go of guilt and regret:

1. Get Organized for Mental Clarity

Begin each day with a realistic to-do list. Acknowledge what you can and cannot do and focus on the most important things. 

Trying to do too many things at once can make you overwhelmed and exhausted. But, doing a handful of things well will give you a true feeling of accomplishment. You can keep track of your tasks in an online tool like Evernote or Google Keep. Go through the list each day and mark off completed tasks. Knowing that you’ve made an impact in your day will give you fulfillment and put a smile on your face.

2. Set Realistic Expectations

We have a limited amount of time and energy. Yet, many of us set unrealistic goals that are aspirational in nature. This may seem motivational, but we’re actually showing our brains that we’re always falling short. Instead, start creating realistic targets and goals.

Also, don’t give in to the temptation to compare your progress against others. We rarely see the struggles others face on the way to success. Remember, a comparison will always make you feel like you are not doing enough.

3. Manage Your Time

We’re all running on self-made treadmills. And, it’s easy to lose track of why we started running in the first place. So, take a moment to pause and think about all the things you’re doing. Is it necessary to wear all the hats? Can you toss away a few tasks?

Once you’ve identified the things that add no value, throw them away. Keep in mind that your quality of life and relationships are the first ones to suffer if you don’t. Learn to focus on the important things like your health and well-being.

What’s one essential task you’ve been putting your effort into? Does it contribute to something bigger? Does it bring you closer to your goals? If so, learn to manage it in your busy schedule. If not, cut it and shift your focus to more meaningful things.

It’s easy to get lost in the busyness of life and feel like you’re falling behind. But, understanding what’s important to you and having the right processes will help you manage your life better. It will also give you more time for yourself and your loved ones and make your life more enjoyable. And that’s the best antidote to the feeling of not doing enough. So, where can you start?

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