The Secret To Illuminating Your Authentic Self

Clarity on being authentic

As we go through life, we use our eyes as a window to the world around us. We learn to trust this physical perception as the source of truth of reality. Yet, often this reality can clash with our authentic self. You know, the deep feeling inside our gut that guides us through life.

The Inner Eye

Spiritual teachers tell us that there’s also a different kind of reality. This spiritual reality can only be seen by our inner eye. The inner eye gives us insights into the spiritual sense of our being. While the idea of an inner eye may be hard to grasp, remember that it’s a concept used to guide our observation of the world.

Ilchi Lee, the founder of, defines the inner eye as follows:

It has a special ability to see beyond the physical world and is the seat of your imagination and of your spiritual perception. One important role of this eye is to see your interior self, the inner world of your being. You could think of it as “the eye observing the I.”

So…why does it matter?

Peering into the core of our true selves is an essential tool in our spiritual growth toolbox. We often go through life trying to match external expectations. Yet, suppressing our inner truth makes our lives feel out of alignment. So, there might be days when we coax others into believing we are happy. But, our inner eye sees the sadness or anger inside and knows the truth.

Align With You Authentic Self

So, we just have to face all our emotions and we’re well on our way to spiritual growth…sounds easy, right? Not quite. It’s challenging to embrace all our emotions, especially the deepest, darkest fears we’ve been avoiding. Moreover, it can lead to judging ourselves and thinking that we’re less than others. To get you started, here a few tips for allowing your inner eye to take the lead in your life:

  • Make honest self-observation a part of your daily practice. What emotions are you experiencing in the moment? What are your motivations? Writing these down in a journal may help get additional clarity.
  • Approach your emotions with non-judgment. Remember that there are no “bad” emotions. Acknowledge which emotions are no longer serving you and resolve to change them through self-love and self-care.
  • Be like a kind, loving parent to your inner child. Gently guide yourself toward self-understanding and realize that what you’re experiencing is part of the human growth process. You’re helping your inner child grow up.

Make a goal to practice the above tips consistently. You will start feeling safer around your emotions and more capable of dealing with ups and down of life. This will lead to better alignment with your authentic self and gaining clarity about what you want out of life.

For a more in-depth perspective on connecting with your inner eye, see the full article (4 minute read).

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